[Mailman-Developers] any interest in a new built-in web-archive? (i.e. pipermail replacement)

Barry Warsaw barry at list.org
Wed Mar 28 05:46:49 CEST 2012

On Mar 26, 2012, at 06:07 PM, David Jeske wrote:

>I highly recommend reconsidering this and including a standard archiver
>with mailman. If the number of sites that use pipermail is any indication,
>I think failing to include something will basically mean lots of lists
>without any archives.

I think you're right.  People want a turnkey solution - download one thing,
run one command, and you've got everything you need.  Of course, with mm2, you
*don't* though because Pipermail never provided searching for example.

There are lots of questions to ask about how we in the Mailman project would
provide that kind of turnkey solution that includes our best-of-breed
services.  OTOH, it's also powerful to provide choice and not require any
specific bits.

My gut tells me that we're on the right track with Postorius, but that we're
pretty far away from being able to bless an archiver right now.  It's
definitely not something I want to hold up the 3.0 final release for, so we
have to find the right way to manage our users expectations.

Understand though that we're constrained in other ways when we start thinking
about bundling or officially blessing certain components.  Mailman is a GNU
project and the core's copyright has been owned by the FSF for over a decade.
We require copyright assignments to the FSF.  Postorius falls under the same
administrative structure, so there's no problem calling it the official GNU
Mailman web ui.  A bless, bundled archiver will have to probably adhere to the
same constraints, or at least we'd have to have that conversation with the FSF
about it.

But that absolutely shouldn't stop any other third party archiver from being
Mailman 3 compatible.

As I said, like the Python standard library, it's both a blessing and a
curse. :)

>As for the features it doesn't have from your list: Editing would be easy
>to add because it's sqlite (deciding on the auth system is probably more of
>an issue than the editing). Anti-Crawl code is really an issue of
>configuration for cheap in-memory state-management. NNTP is well. that
>would be a big job that I doubt will be bitten off by something as "small"
>as a list archiver.

Why can't we kill off Gmane while we're killing off Gmail, and *Groups? :).

>What is the REST UI used by? CSLA supports RSS. When it comes to a more
>involved REST UI, what software would be hitting it? I don't think I'll
>understand your other API/REST points until I see an answer to this.

I'm a list owner and someone requests that a post containing private
information be taken down.

As a drive-by archive user, I want to request that a message get sent to me so
that I can reply to it in my mail reader as if I had received the original.

I run a question/answer forum that gateways a list, and I want to +1 really
helpful messages, or give some extra kudos to really helpful users.


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