[Mailman-Developers] problem installing Mailman 3.0 beta1 - no var directory created during install

Barry Warsaw barry at list.org
Fri May 4 16:07:14 CEST 2012

On May 03, 2012, at 02:49 PM, David wrote:

>I installed it but I didn't get a var directory at all. (On the chance that
>it is created only after starting Mailman the first time, I tried to start
>it but that didn't work either.) The last line of the installation output

Correct.  The var directory (and database, etc.) don't get created until the
first time Mailman "starts", but my recommendation is to run

$ bin/mailman info

to get that initial file system layout, including the var dir.  You might want
to create your mailman.cfg file first though.

After you've run the info command and seen where it's putting things, adjust
your mailman.cfg file accordingly.  When you're happy with it, then you can
run 'start' to get the runners going.


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