[Mailman-Developers] Wiki Migration Update

Paul Boddie paul at boddie.org.uk
Mon Feb 25 00:01:17 CET 2013


This is really just a quick mail to let you know that I haven't forgotten 
about my promise to look into migrating the Wiki content to MoinMoin. As 
always, you can monitor the status of the work here:


I aim to upload a snapshot of the translated content to a demonstration site 
(as I did before) in the next few days, and hopefully will have improved the 
output a bit by then. Although I have mostly been focusing on the old 
Confluence Wiki markup in the past couple of days, I think that the recent 
changes have improved the "fidelity" of the old page revisions somewhat, and 
with the new XHTML-style markup being somewhat easier to deal with, I aim to 
have parity between the two formats fairly soon.

If there's anything in particular beyond basic content migration that you'd 
like to see in MoinMoin, please let me know. The markup mapping page...


...describes some macros and other features that should be reproduced in the 
Moin-based solution, and I've attempted to incorporate existing page comments 
(as I described before) and page navigation features, but it would be useful 
to know what people currently depend upon so that any extra macros or 
extensions can be written.

I'll send another update soon. Thanks for being patient!


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