[Mailman-Developers] Mailman 3 and New Lists (Templates for Defining?)

Tom Browder tom.browder at gmail.com
Sat Mar 2 17:38:12 CET 2013

Earlier I was pointed to the REST API for programatically generating a
new list--looks good.  However, the docs mention a default set of
attributes for a new list and I wonder if there are yet any other

I guess the real question for me is:  is there a templating system in
MM 3 so that different list types can be defined?  My search through
the code so far hasn't found such except for language templates.

Having just agonizingly set up a true (IMHO) read-only list under
Mailman 2, I think such a template to choose (at least to start from)
would be very helpful in Mailman 3.  (I don't doubt there is an easier
way under Mailman 2, but I find the various inputs in the web
interface too scattered around for my tastes.)

Best regards,


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