[Mailman-Developers] buildout instructions

Chris Cargile follybeachris at gmail.com
Wed Mar 6 20:44:48 CET 2013

I am getting stuck during my buildout due to a mix-up b/w what versions
zc.buildout and/or eggs are expected and am assuming this is an ongoing
issue from zope, per a 9/6/12 developers-list

I could not surpass the buildout step as the system complained about the
ScriptBase module not being found and was hoping someone might kindly guide
me past this

fwiw, working through zc-buildout/recipe
python >=2.7 has been done, case these issues are related.  Here is the my
buildout-stacktrace <http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=wi19Qta2> in case
someone can advise


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