[Mailman-Developers] Wiki Migration Update

Paul Boddie paul at boddie.org.uk
Thu Mar 7 22:58:04 CET 2013

On Monday 25 February 2013 21:52:37 Paul Boddie wrote:
> Well, I'll let you know what progress I make, and I guess Barry and I will
> try and work on the hosting aspect as the process nears completion.

So, to follow up on this, I have updated the snapshot of migrated data:


Certain things have been improved since the last update:

* Tables are now supported, although it is likely that some tables will not 
appear entirely correctly, and I have yet to support cell attributes. See 
http://mmwiki.boddie.org.uk/DEV/LogoSubmissions for a fairly complicated 

* Attachments are also supported, as illustrated in the above example.

To support tables, I'm using a table parser that I developed to handle the 
general need for a more flexible table representation, and this does seem to 
be required to handle various actual tables in the Mailman Wiki (such as the 
list in one of the logo submissions in the above example). It's documented 


Obviously, lots of issues remain, including...

* Some links in the most recent XHTML-based revisions won't work because I 
have to set the link target properly for that particular style of links.

* In the Confluence markup, combinations of formatting markers can cause 
problems, and the conversion to XHTML format actually produced ill-formed 
XML. See http://mmwiki.boddie.org.uk/COM/donate_to_the_GNU_Mailman_project 
for an example.

* The issue accessing page names with question marks remains as I'm still 
using mod_rewrite in my deployment of this site, but it isn't a real problem 
for a "proper" deployment of Moin.

* Macro support still needs to be completed, although I don't think that macro 
usage is particularly diverse on the Mailman Wiki, meaning that only a few 
different ones are used. Some issues, like the handling of anchor tags on 
http://mmwiki.boddie.org.uk/COM/Organizations_that_use_Mailman need to be 
reviewed and fixed.

I aim to continue the process of developing the converter over the coming 
weeks, and I hope to bring it to a state of completion in that time.


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