[Mailman-Developers] unable to tear down.. [errno 98]

Barry Warsaw barry at list.org
Mon Mar 11 20:43:33 CET 2013

Sorry, I'm just plain slammed trying to get ready for Pycon.

On Mar 08, 2013, at 04:50 PM, Chris Cargile wrote:

>Is the smtp port setting declared in a configuration file used to bind a
>mailman instance to a particular process (such as the MTA) on a particular

Yes.  The base configuration values are in src/mailman/config/schema.cfg.
These get overridden/specialized by src/mailman/config/mailman.cfg by default,
and whatever mailman.cfg file you might have installed when you run MM3 in

In a testing environment, src/mailman/testing/testing.cfg is the top
configuration file.

Look in the [mta] section and you'll see that by default, Mailman connects to
localhost:25.  This changes to localhost:9025 when running the test suite.

>I tried looking through the configuration files to identify the location to
>which I thought the stmpd was trying to bind but did not figure out how it

MM3 uses the lazr.config system.  http://pythonhosted.org/lazr.config/

>I am hoping to learn how this works (and to hack my configuration, if
>needed) to get past the SMTP/RestLayer teardowns, and am stuck getting:
>[Errno 98] Address already in use (log

If you're getting this during the tests, it almost always means that the
Python subprocess binding to that address didn't exit.  The test suite (and
MM3 in general) is pretty careful about shutting down its subprocesses, but
sometimes this fails.  Use killall or friends to actually stop the process.
We use lazr.smtptest <http://pythonhosted.org/lazr.smtptest/> to start up the
SMTPd for testing, and this should properly set the reuse flag on the socket.


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