[Mailman-Developers] GSOC 2013 : Authenticated REST-API in Postorius/Django

Rahul Gaur rahul.nbg at gmail.com
Thu Mar 28 22:02:11 CET 2013


I have been searching for Python/Django projects for a while and I
stumbled upon the Mailman ideas page today.
I am very much  interested in discussing more about the *Authenticated
REST-API in Postorius/Django *and I hope to work on it over the summer *, *but
let me first introduce my self.

I am into third year of my engineering (Computer Science) and I have been
using Python since my first year and for the past couple of months I have
been using Django for experimental projects at college and for a interest
based social networking site(initially started from pinax).

I have already cloned the Mailman code base and it's up and running , I
will go through the source code in next couple of days.

I haven't implemented RESTful API's before , but I have started learning
more about REST and HTTP protocols  already and I hope that I would be in a
better state by the time GSOC starts.

At the moment I am experimenting with the Django Tastypie and I have been
wondering if the developers community here have been considering it or
anything similar to it ?

I would like to get more involved with this project , if this is something
community is seeking currently .

Please advice, how can I proceed.

Thanks and Regards !

*Rahul Gaur*
*irc : iamaregee2*
*web: *http://www.rahulgaur.info*
*blogs : *aregee.wordpress.com
*fb:* http://facebook.com/iamaregee
*github: *https://github.com/aregee

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