[Mailman-Developers] Mailman 3 vs Groupserver vs Sympa

Ian Eiloart iane at sussex.ac.uk
Mon Oct 21 16:54:59 CEST 2013

Hi Kẏra,

Some additional answers, inline below. Most of your questions relate to the web archiver, and Nico has answered some of those. In order to get all the questions and answers in the same place (so people can see which questions aren’t yet answered here), I’ve rolled Nico’s comments into this reply.

On 7 Oct 2013, at 03:38, Kẏra <kxra at riseup.net> wrote:

> Hello,
> My name is Kẏra and I am the technology director of the Free Culture
> Foundation as well as a campaigns organizer for the Free Software
> Foundation and we're in need up upgrading our mailing lists to a more
> web-friendly system. I'm doing research on newer list severs to see how
> they compare. So far Groupserver seems to provide everything, but if
> Mailman 3 is going to be released soon, we'd like to consider that as well.
> I'm making a comparison chart and wanted to ask about Mailman 3 (and
> Postorius) features. Answers to any and all of the following with regards
> to Mailman 3 + Postorius would be super helpful:
> Can you post from the web interface?
> Is there file upload support?
> Is there now a search feature? Can it search multiple lists?
yes, yes
> Are there web feeds (atom or rss)? Generated from lists? searches? threads?
> files?
Nico’s plugin API seems to be offering support for this.

> Are posts and administration integrated into the web interface?
I think that site and list administration are not part of the hyperkitty 
> Can you specify a posting rate restriction?

I don’t know.

> Is full css customization for the web interface supported?
> Is css customization for the email interface supported?

Hyperkitty supports "themes". I’m guessing you’ll be able to roll your own.

> Is there site-side logging? (as opposed to server side)
Logging (apart from web accesses) would be a Mailman responsibility. I’m not sure what you mean by "site-side", but perhaps you’re after remote reporting on a domain of yours hosted a third party at a remote site. Again, that’s possible. It could be provided through a web interface, or some other means.

> Is there a link to the post in the web interface in the footer of messages?

That’ll require co-operation between Mailman and the web archive. But, if the web archive URL is predictable, then I think Mailman will be able to do this.

> Now that users are more than just email addresses, can you request to
> contact a list member?

Do you mean from their profile page, or from a list of members? 

> Can users have multiple email addresses?

Yes, that’s a part of users being more than just email addresses.

> Are there profile pages where you can see a summary of their latest posts?
> Can the web interface hide quoted text?
> Are usage statistics provided?

The Hyperkitty change log for 0.1 alpha says "show basic list info and metrics". Certainly the Mailman 2 logs provide enough information from which useful usage stats could be derived. If Hyperkitty doesn’t provide the stats that you want, you’ll likely be able to get them from the log files.

> Thanks!
> Also, did Mailman 2 already support LMTP and virtual domains or are those
> new?

They’re new. Mailman 2 did have partial support of virtual domains, but there was a restriction whereby no two domains could have a list with the same name: so I can’t imagine that this would be useful.

> Best,
> Kẏra
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