[Mailman-Developers] GSoC 2014 : Proposal for the Mailman CLI project

Tanstaafl tanstaafl at libertytrek.org
Sun Apr 27 18:45:53 CEST 2014

On 4/27/2014 11:03 AM, Stephen J. Turnbull <stephen at xemacs.org> wrote:
> When you get ~250 wanted mails (many of them list, of
> course) and ~1000 spams (that get past the 6-sigma "if this filter
> thinks it's spam, throw it away!" filter) a day, automatic processing
> is really important.


Anyone who gets ~1000 spams per day that actually make it through 
whatever anti-spam tools you are employing, then you need 
different/better anti-spam tools.

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