[Mailman-Developers] Python 3

Aurelien Bompard aurelien at bompard.org
Fri Dec 26 22:32:04 CET 2014

> I'm having some trouble with this because the system alembic doesn't have
> access to the mailman source tree, which it needs (you get import
> errors).  I
> tried to run alembic out of the .tox virtualenv, but that fails because the
> mailman config system needs to be initialized.

Right, I'm having issues too with the config file not being initalized.
I'll have a closer look.

Oh gosh, no!  I'm sorry I was imprecise, but I meant only that Mailman 3
> *core* would be Python 3.  I certainly would never make you guys do all
> that
> busy work without consulting you first.  So for the record, HyperKitty and
> Postorious can absolutely port on their own time frame, and that need not
> at
> all block a release of the full suite.  One of the advantages of accessing
> the
> core through the REST API is that it doesn't matter what clients like
> HyperKitty and Postorious are written in.

I'm not exclusively using the REST API though. I'm importing a couple
interfaces, mostly the archiver interface. I'm also using the custom
Message class a lot in the tests. And I'm importing a couple database types
for compatibility in my own schemas (Enum and UUID)
But I think the main problem is the import of mailman's config object in
the class that implements the IArchiver interface. I don't believe there's
another way to get the configuration.
And now that I think of it, the archiver interface will be imported by
Mailman core, and will thus run with a Python3 interpreter. As a result,
all of KittyStore must at least be Python3 compatible.


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