[Mailman-Developers] Python 3

Aurelien Bompard aurelien at bompard.org
Fri Dec 26 23:02:14 CET 2014

> But there could be!  I took a very quick look at HK (but not KittyStore)
> and
> it doesn't look like you need much.  What if I added a REST API to access
> the
> core's system configuration settings?

That would work.

> Yep, I missed that.  Is it possible to feed HK messages out-of-process?
> E.g. via the command line?

Not now. Would an LMTP server be appropriate? If so, could Mailman's
internal LMTP server be split off into a Py2-compatible library?
What protocol would be best suited in your opinion?


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