[Mailman-Developers] Python 3

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Sat Dec 27 04:48:43 CET 2014

Barry Warsaw writes:

 > But there could be!  I took a very quick look at HK (but not
 > KittyStore) and it doesn't look like you need much.  What if I
 > added a REST API to access the core's system configuration
 > settings?  They would be read-only, and I would only start with the
 > minimum of what HK needs.

Let's please take some care to think about this.  ISTM this is like
the Nth time we've bumped into "you need to be core to access config

 > I think it's probably dangerous in the long term to expect the
 > core's internal config API to remain stable, so accessing that
 > through REST would provide the guarantees you need, in addition to
 > decoupling HK from the core.h

This *may* be good enough (what with the guarantees the REST interface
provides), but I think this really needs to take a generic approach,
and some care should be taken to confirm that it is generic.  It
should eventually be TOOWTDI (ie, Postorius, mailman.client, and the
new CLI should all go this way).

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