[Mailman-Developers] Python 3

Barry Warsaw barry at python.org
Mon Dec 29 19:28:35 CET 2014

Here's a crazy, probably stupid idea.  I want to do one more release before
the end of the year, probably tomorrow.

What if I do A/B releases for 3.0b5?

A would be current snapshot of trunk, i.e. MM3 running on Python 2.7.

B would be current snapshot of the py3 branch, i.e. MM3 running on Python 3.4.

I will hold of on the merge until 2015.

The advantage of this is that folks would get a chance to download the
tarballs of their choice and give it a try.  I'd encourage people to try the
Python 3 (i.e. B) release.

I think people are more engaged with an actual release tarball than with bzr
branches, so this could provide some good feedback.  I think right now the two
branches are functionally equivalent.

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