[Mailman-Developers] X-Message-ID-Hash header (was Re: Python 3)

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Tue Dec 30 14:33:03 CET 2014

No Jeff-relevant discussion here, I think, so I'm not going to spam.

Barry Warsaw writes:

 > >The last two are too easily confused with Archived-At.
 > Suggestions welcome. :)

When I have one, of course.  But it's worth ruling out non-starters
quickly, if possible.

 > >Yes.  The problem is that there are people out there with MUAs
 > >that provide bogus Message-IDs (Kyle Jones's VM used to do that),
 > >and for those people all messages after the first get dropped.
 > As you know, I have limited tolerance for broken MUAs.

As I also know, you don't usually impose your opinions on third
parties with a different point of view.  And the first mission of
mail-related applications is to make sure mail gets to where it's
suppose to go.  Or do you want your name cursed in the same breath
with AOL and "Yahoo!"? :-)

 > Gosh, do people still use VM? :)

Sure.  The main difference between VM "virtual folders" and Gmail
"labels" is that virtual folders actually do what labels are
advertised to do. :-)

 > Right.  MM3 does not current reject messages with duplicate
 > Message-IDs, but I think it should.

That sounds like a mess to me.  For one thing, do you mean "reject"
(and the sender gets a bounce) or "discard" (silently)?  Neither of
those sounds like a good thing to me.

I'd much rather that it reject messages with duplicate content and
different Message-IDs. ;-)

 > >Well, that's true for *us*.  The folks at the IETF don't have a
 > >habit of leaving well enough alone, though. ;-)
 > Right, so let's do what *we* think is right, right now, and let the
 > committee take 10 years to define a standard. ;)

Hey, that's *my* ten years you're offering there!

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