[Mailman-Developers] Want Mailman 3 suite to release faster? Here's some bugs you can help with!

Barry Warsaw barry at list.org
Wed Nov 12 16:47:33 CET 2014

Thanks very much for sending this around.

On the core, I don't have a formal list of blockers (I should add tags), but
what I think must be done include:

 - Port the REST framework to falcon.  This is essentially done, and is just
   waiting for an upstream falcon release to land on trunk.  I have a branch
   that I'm regularly merging core trunk into and running the tests.

 - lp:~barry/mailman/subpolicy - this fixes the subscription policy so that it
   can be set through REST and actually will affect how folks can subscribe.
   It's a big branch that was blocked on database migration, so now that the
   SQLAlchemy branch has landed (yay!), I've returned to this branch.

I'll go through the 96 mailman3 bugs:


and tag them using mailman3-suite-blocker for anything I think has to be fixed
before the core can be released.  If you have your favorites, please don't
hesitate to tag them, and I'll review when I triage.

BTW, if you haven't seen the recent work in lp:mailman, please take a look.
There's now a tox.ini file so it will make running the test suite much, much
easier.  The instructions for running the tests against PostgreSQL are
simplified too.  It's also possible to collect coverage during the test.  The
numbers aren't as abysmal as I was worried they'd be. ;) We get over 90% for the
full code base, though several modules have rather poor coverage.  It's not a
top priority for suite release, but I do plan on getting the coverage up to
100% over time.


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