[Mailman-Developers] Changes coming to the GNU Mailman wiki

Barry Warsaw barry at list.org
Wed Oct 8 17:40:16 CEST 2014

Hi folks.

I'm happy to announce some changes to the GNU Mailman infrastructure that has
been a long time coming.  For many years, our wiki hosted at wiki.list.org has
been running on a donated instance of Atlassian Confluence.  We are extremely
grateful to both Atlassian and the hosting provider Contegix for their support
over the years.

However, Confluence is not free software and because Mailman is a GNU project,
it is incumbent on the project to utilize free software throughout our
infrastructure.  Thus I am here to announce the imminent switch of our wiki to
a new Moin server.

Huge, huge thanks go to Paul Boddie for the incredible amount of work he's put
into the conversion process.  Paul has been able to import most if not all of
the content, along with most of the account names, into the new wiki.  Because
of the difference in organizing principles between Confluence and Moin, some
post conversion gardening will be needed, and eventually we'd like to improve
the style, but the conversion has really been done masterfully.

Of course, passwords have not been imported into the new wiki, so if you were
an approved author of the old wiki, you'll need to do a password reset to gain
control of your new wiki account.  However, the group permissions have been
imported, so if you were able to edit the old wiki, you should be able to edit
the new wiki.  As always, contact mailman-cabal at python.org if you need

We're doing the last few fiddly bits of the conversion, so you may see some
down time while things fall into place.  We still need to set up the SSL
certificates and twiddle the DNS, so please be aware of this.  I'll make
another announcement when everything should be settled.

In the meantime, I've disabled write permissions to the Confluence wiki.

Huge thanks also go out to the Python Software Foundation and the PSF
infrastructure team for donating the resources that the new wiki is running
on.  Thanks too to the other Mailpersons who have helped review the moin
conversion process.

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