[Mailman-Developers] Student looking to contribute towards GNU Mailman

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Thu Dec 31 12:39:35 EST 2015

Rishab Jaju writes:

 > Hi Abhilash,
 > I am interested in the following project: "Subscriber Profile
 > Pages". Can I work on this project, or is somebody else working on
 > it?

Even if somebody else is working on it, they may appreciate the help.
Even if they are but don't want help, you can try yourself (but of
course competing implementations means yours is less likely to
actually get integrated).

Now that you have posted here, I would recommend getting to work
unless you have an alternative project you would prefer to work on.
Remember, at this stage you'll spend most of your time learning about
Mailman, and your code is likely to get a lot of suggestions for
improvement, so you won't be making much in the way of wasted effort
even if you end up abandoning this particular project for whatever
reason at an early stage.  While digging into the code, you may also
find a more interesting (to you) project before GSoC opens, or you may
find that to do the profile page project you need to add basic
facilities, and do that for GSoC.  Don't commit yourself to a specific
project for GSoC yet.

The next thing to do is to check the tracker.  I found these:


Neither seems to suggest that anybody is actually working on this
project.  Note that the issues are titled "User Profile Pages" rather
than "Subscriber Profile Pages" -- searching for appropriate issues is
an art.  Don't kill yourself trying to do an exhaustive search or
coming up with the perfect keywords.

If you decide to work on this, come up with a summary of what *you*
want to do (it may help to refer to the existing issue descriptions),
and post it as an RFE (request for enhancement), most likely on the
Postorius tracker.  That will allow others interested in the project
(both potential users and developers) to find you.  Mention that you
are working on the project, and link to the existing issues.

A bit of advice: I tend to disagree with Our Fearless Leader: I think
there's more of a role for "core" in this.  Specifically,
discoverability of resources.  Resources are spread across the three
main components, and the list archives at least will have multiple
implementations in common use.


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