[Mailman-Developers] Introduction and GSoC project requests

Konstantinos N kon.nalpa at gmail.com
Mon Jan 5 19:09:12 CET 2015

Hello mailman devs and Happy New Year.

Since this summer i have been looking at the mailman project as it was 
the first project that attracted me, being a tool i use at my university 
to collaborate with my fellow sysadmins.

I am generally interested in participating in GSoC at some time but 
first i would like to start contributing in some way so i can develop 
better programming skills,learn code researching and bugfixing and 
generally give back to software that helps me do my work better.

The last days i asked around in the irc and gathered resources,links and 
started learning more about the mailman project.In detail i read about 
the architecture of mailman 3, differences with mailman 2 and tried 
reading almost anything i could find helpful in the wiki so i can better 
understand how mailman really works. I haven't set up my own instance of 
mailman at the moment because of some hardware problems but i have 
started reading some code in general, plus looking at the easy bugs 
listed in the wiki.

On to the requests now. I saw two project ideas for GSoC 2014 that 
really interested me and i would like some guidance around them so i 
could read more on them. Could someone give me some status on the 
implementation of them at the moment? Were these ideas for mailman 3, 
mailman 2 or both?
The 2 ideas are
1. Full anonymization
2. No-logging Mode

Thank you in advance
Konstantinos N

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