[Mailman-Developers] REST API first pass at Swagger spec

Andrew Stuart andrew.stuart at supercoders.com.au
Sat Jan 10 22:51:18 CET 2015

Attached is a first pass at a Swagger spec for the REST API.

You can find out about Swagger at http://swagger.io

The Swagger spec that I am working on is attached to this message or can be found here: http://www.mailripper.com/api-docs.json

If you want to see the attached spec in action against the Mailman REST API, go to http://www.mailripper.com/swagger-ui/index.html

Give it a try at http://www.mailripper.com/swagger-ui/index.html - you are welcome to change anything, it’s a test Mailman server and you can add or delete anything - nothing you do will be a problem.

There’s still a fair bit to do to finalise this but most of the API queries are working - enough for you to see how it works.

Any comments or feedback welcome.


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