[Mailman-Developers] Mailman user identification questions

Andrew Stuart andrew.stuart at supercoders.com.au
Mon Jan 19 14:09:13 CET 2015

I am working on authenticating users, just want to clarify a few things in concrete.

Does every Mailman user have a single, unique userid?
Is a Mailman userid secret or public information - i.e. any reason not to use the userid in, for example, a cookie that is potentially public information?
Is it possible to be a Mailman user WITHOUT having a related Mailman userid i.e. somehow you can use Mailman with an email address that has no corresponding Mailman userid?
Do all email addresses map back to a Mailman userid, or is it possible for email addresses to be in some sort of “orphan/floating state” in which they are not related to a userid? 
Is it possible for a Mailman user to log in via their email address and password, or only via their userid and password?



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