[Mailman-Developers] Introductory mail

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Sat Jan 24 08:45:42 CET 2015

Pranjal Yadav writes:

 >          I also learned about previous year's GSOC project and I
 > can see mailman core is already ported to ver 3.4 however potorius
 > / hyperkitty / mailman.client needs to be done. Also test suite
 > would be interesting work to couple with all this. I would like to
 > know if these 2 projects can be coupled for this year's work or
 > not?

If you think of them as two projects, then they probably are.  As a
mentor, I won't touch that -- most students have enough trouble just
getting started on *one* project.

Also, note that projects that are just adding to a test suite are not
eligible for Google support.

 >           Apart from that I also found few bugs while setting up
 > env which was mainly due to (var) folder creation while running
 > mailman server from different locatin serving various instances. It
 > seems unless I do it from path/to/mailman it returns an error. I
 > will go through the code in over next few weeks and till then I can
 > expect a reply for above projects.

You should go over the mailing list archives first.  var folder
creation was discussed extensively a couple of months ago.

In general, if you're going to propose a project not on our list for
*this year* (which hasn't been published yet), it is usually helpful
to review the past two year's threads on the mailing lists (both
mailman-developers and mailman-users) to get an idea of what the
current needs are considered to be, and what things the developers are
addressing already.

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