[Mailman-Developers] listadmin script

n ned at inventati.org
Thu Oct 29 08:44:00 EDT 2015

Adam McGreggor disait (le 29/10/15 � 11:26) :
> > time taken to process them. I use listadmin[1], a command line tool to
> > manipulate the queues of messages held for moderator approval and
> > subscription requests.
> How many of those things could be fixed by fine-tuning the list
> settings, to prevent those happening, or to use filters/regexpes
> better?

I will think about it, but I doubt it will do the trick ; in addition
to spam, there is a lot of irrelevant or off topic emails.

> > I was hoping that someone on this list, with the inside knowledge of
> > mailman, could maintain it, or write something similar.
> Whilst I see Mark's replied already, I wonder if it would be better
> use of building tools around Mailman 3, for when 3.1 is
> released/ready.
> This should be easier to maintain, as it would use the various APIs,
> rather than scraping.

If it will be easier with the 3.1 version,
I can wait a bit longer.



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