[Mailman-Developers] Countdown to the 3.1 release

Barry Warsaw barry at list.org
Tue Jul 12 21:34:24 EDT 2016

Previously I mentioned the three big outstanding branches that I'd like to
land for Mailman 3.1 Core, the templates branch, the MySQL support branch, and
the unsubscription workflow branch.

I've now also gone through all the bugs previously targeted to milestone 3.1,
and there are only three left:


I think these are important enough to fix for 3.1 and I welcome merge requests
while the other three branches are ongoing.

Please take a look at any other bugs not assigned to milestone 3.1 and let me
know if you think any are serious enough to block the 3.1 release.  I'll say
in advance that I'm going to be brutal in assessing them, because 3.1 really
needs to be released soon!

Note too that there may be blockers for Postorius, Hyperkitty, and
mailman.client, but I haven't looked at those subprojects yet.  How close are
they to being release ready?

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