[Mailman-Developers] Docker files for mailman

Simon Hanna simon.hanna at serve-me.info
Sun Jul 17 13:06:33 EDT 2016


I started working on docker files for Mailman.

I created three repositories:
- https://github.com/simonsmiley/postorius-docker
  Holds the files needed to create a postorius container
- https://github.com/simonsmiley/mailman-docker
  Holds the files needed to create a core container
- https://github.com/simonsmiley/mailman-compose
  Holds docker-compose files that greatly simply the process of running
  the containers

* The mailman repo currently lacks documentation
* Currently no emails can be sent.
  I still have to figure out what the best way is...
* Hyperkitty will be added next
  (together with a complete "bundler" install)

I pushed two images to the docker hub. Their names are
thelinuxguy/postorius and thelinuxguy/mailman

I created two organizations
mailman on docker hub and gnu-mailman on github

I know we shouldn't use github, but there is no way around
github/bitbucket for automated builds on docker hub.

I post here to inform you about the docker images and I also to ask if
I'm allowed to keep these two organizations and move my images/repos
there. I'll happily give push/owner access to additional people if

The repositories could be mirrored to the gitlab mailman group,
sadly the process doesn't work the other way round just yet.

In case this request gets denied, I'll just remove the organizations and
let the images be "unofficial".


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