[Mailman-Developers] Message queue based archiver - Requesting opinions/suggestions on design architecture

Anirudh Dahiya anirudhdahiya9 at gmail.com
Sat May 7 06:44:07 EDT 2016

I am working on implementing message queue based archiving system as part
of my GSoC project. Just yesterday,  me and Florian(my mentor) were
discussing possible architectural choices, and decided to approach the
mailman-developer community for opinions.

Right now, the archiving happens something like this -
[image: Plugin.png]

We were discussing the architectural design for the proposed system to be
plugged. We considered two choices -

I. The first one we looked at involved an additional interface between the
backends and IArchiver. The job of this interface would be to decide to
which backend to approach for a particular archive, and subsequently send
the mail to that backend.

The advantage I saw here was that archives/webapps that would be developed
in future would then be able to attach to the our system, and not disturb

II. To this, Florian suggested, and I realized later after some thought,
that choosing backend + the archive right at the IArchiver stage seems more
sensible. This information can be stored in mailman.cfg, following the
current way it works for archiving. It seems more simple and follows the
way archiving is done up untill now.

I later realised that since we'll have to add info about which archive
subscribes to which mailing lists(actually stored the other way round), in
our first design, we would eventually have to add information at the "Our
interface" level. Thus better to do all this at one place, i.e. the
IArchiver interface level, which the second design proposes.

One thing I learnt from reading backends' documentation is that they
encourage several clients(archives in our case) plugged into the same
message queue system, rather than defining a queue system for each archive.
This saves space, and processor time(for the backend server running in the

These are our thoughts, I'd love to hear opinions and suggestions to design

Anirudh Dahiya
(irc spark)

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