[Mailman-Developers] [Mailman-i18n] Translation of Mailman 3

Barry Warsaw barry at list.org
Tue May 17 10:06:30 EDT 2016

Hi Simon,

On May 17, 2016, at 03:31 PM, Simon Hanna wrote:

>I guess I could take some sort of lead on that.  I played around a little
>with pootle and I really like it. It's easy to use, fast and anyone that
>registers can start translating.

Just by way of comparison, have you played with Zanata yet?  How would you
compare the two systems?

>The main question would be selfhosting vs using gnu's hosted version.

I'd really prefer not to self-host.  I don't think we're a big enough
organization to commit to long-term maintenance.  I'm not at all questioning
your eagerness, abilities, and availability, but life has a way of throwing
curve balls at us[*] and I worry about 5 years in the future if interests or
availability changes.  Also, I wonder if we wouldn't be giving up some
economies of scale by sharing translation infrastructure with other projects.

>If you want I can spin up an instance on my server and provide
>interested people credentials to play with. (existing demo instances
>don't allow adding/managing projects)

If the i18n community wants to play with a pootle, I think that's fine.  We
can certainly use it to compare against other services.

From my perspective, I don't have too many requirements, other than that we
can upload .pot files and download .po files when it makes sense for the
project, which would be disconnected from the timeline for translators to
submit translations.  Right now for MM2.1, Mark has to request updates timed
to his releases, and I really want to avoid that.  IWBNI whatever system we
choose had nice git integration, but that's not required.

My only other requirement is that whatever we choose be comfortable enough
that translators *want* to use it.  As a pretty typical monolinguist, I'm
definitely not qualified to judge that.


[*] Is that a euphemism that translates outside of North America? ;)

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