[Mailman-Developers] Camera-ready option to mitigate DMARC issues

Alessandro Vesely vesely at tana.it
Sat Nov 5 07:11:35 EDT 2016

Dear all,
I'd like to probe the feasibility of this option.

The idea is to add a footer only in case it is not present, similar to what is 
done with subject_prefix.  By properly setting both of them, a sender can 
submit what can be called a camera-ready post.  Since no change applies, no 
DKIM signature breaks.  Hence, dmarc_moderation_action is not needed for such 
posts.  It is not even necessary to check author's domain policy.

I'm not familiar with Mailman administration, so I ask your opinion.  How long 
would it take to code this option?  How useful would it be?

Camera-ready posts would be created by hands, by cleverly configuring some 
email client, or by using purposely written add-ons.  They could also be done 
by MSAs who care about the damage they cause by publishing p=reject --the 
process can certainly be standardized and automated.

TIA for any reply, and thanks for a great product

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