[Mailman-Developers] Camera-ready option to mitigate DMARC issues

Alessandro Vesely vesely at tana.it
Sun Nov 6 12:58:56 EST 2016

On Sun 06/Nov/2016 09:17:53 +0100 Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:
> Alessandro Vesely writes:
>> The idea is to add a footer only in case it is not present,
> Aside from the technical difficulties that Mark describes, this
> suffers from a really big defect: for this to be actually useful,
> you'd need near-100% participation (Authenticated Received Chain has
> the same problem).

No, the difference is that ARC applies at the receiving side, so you need 100% 
compliance of list subscribers.  Camera-ready applies at the sending side, so 
the list can still apply any anti-DMARC workarounds if it fails.

> Once you've got that, no new Mailman code is needed: just don't use a footer
> in the first place!

> And it requires effort on the part of providers we already know are
> irresponsible and inconsiderate because they provide personal mail services
> disrupted by "p=reject", or on the part of users at those sites, many of
> whom blame mailing lists, not their irresponsible and/or inexpert providers,
> for difficulties with posting.

Yes, but then it would be less disgusting to punish users of intractable providers.

> If you don't get near 100%, then you need to provide the workarounds
> for all users and originating sites that don't participate anyway, to
> all of your subscribers -- and "nonparticipants" will include the
> posters who are most likely to blame the lists for any delivery
> problems, and get upset about "different treatment" (eg, From-
> munging).

Yes, that's already in place.  It is considered a somewhat dirty solution. 
Camera-ready is cleaner than anything I have heard till now.  Probably it is 
not workable, but I cannot understand why.  It works well in several publishing 
environments, typically journals, which distribute templates to authors.  Why 
can't it work for mailing lists?


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