[Mailman-Developers] PGP support for MM3

Dominik mailman at with-h.at
Fri Nov 18 10:26:48 EST 2016

Hello everybody,

I'd like to see PGP support for MM3 but I thought it might be a little
to early to file an issue.

My original motivation was a setup of a full encrypted mailing list.
I'm well aware of the fact that it provides not the security a full
end-to-end encrypted communication provides, but for some people
(including me) it is an acceptable compromise.

Encrypted mailing for groups of people is still a mess in 2016:

*  Either the group is relatively static or you never encrypt the mail
  for all people.
*  All members need to know each other. And you need the keys of all
  the other members.

So far for the motivation. Below there are some initial thoughts:

**Treat mail differently based on their signing status:**

1. Whether it has a signature or not.
2. Whether the signature is valid or not.
3. Whether the signing key matches the key of the list member.
**Treat mail differently based on their encryption status**

Whether it is encrypted or not.

**Other opportunities**

1. A public key per list.
2. Signing of outgoing mails with that list key.
3. Encryption of outgoing mails with that list key.
4. Send a mail with the lists public key on request.

Which one of these points a worth an implementation?


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