[Mailman-Developers] [GSoC] Encrypted mailing lists - update v13

Jan Jancar johny at neuromancer.sk
Wed Aug 16 11:32:59 EDT 2017

Hi all!

Another progress report, on the PGPMailman web ui status.

Web UI progress

django-pgpmailman progress

Successfully created the mail list views. Inspired heavily by Postorius,
to get the same look, both in templates and views. There is a list index
view, which lists only PGP enabled lists, and their key fingerprints.
This also allows one to download the list key as it's linked from the
list key fingerprint. The list name link leads to a list settings/info
view. The info tab is available to any logged in user, while the
settings are list owner only. All the per-list PGP settings are
configurable there.

List index screenshot:

List encryption settings screenshot:

django-mailman3 template chunks

In order to make plugging the django-mailman3 based apps together and
deduplicate some of their code, as well as to integrate the
django-pgpmailman app into any Postorius + HyperKitty project I
refactored the direct references of Postorius to HyperKitty and vice versa.

This is done in the [template chunk
MR](https://gitlab.com/mailman/django-mailman3/merge_requests/8). It
introduces a new template tag in django-mailman3, which is intended to
be used by all django-mailman3 based apps to let other installed apps
add their entries to the navbar and user menu. Which I are two main ways
Postorius and HyperKitty reference each other.

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