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Barry Warsaw barry at list.org
Sun Aug 27 17:14:49 EDT 2017

As part of his GSoC project, Jan Jancar implemented a plugin architecture for Mailman Core.  I really liked a lot of it, and it serves as the basis for a set of my own tweaks on top of his branch.  I think it’s very close to being ready to merge so I wanted to give folks here a heads up, especially if you don’t follow the GitLab MRs too closely.

For reference, here’s Jan’s original MR:


Here’s my MR that builds on top of that.  My current intent is to land this MR instead:


It may not be terribly helpful at this point to scour the MR’s comments.  Instead, please read the documentation on plugins here:


GitLab does a passable job of rendering this, but it will look even better once this MR lands and the RTD docs are built.  Notably, you’ll miss the “literal includes” which show how some of the configuration files and hook modules will look.  Check out the branch and run `tox -e docs` to see the locally rendered page, or just view the source of the MR.

You should be able to get enough of a gist about how it’ll work.

Comments welcome, either here or in MR!308.


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