[Mailman-Developers] mailman3 on debian

孙志勇 455750938 at qq.com
Sat Apr 21 00:58:44 EDT 2018


I installed mailman3 on debian through the command:

 $ aptitude install mailman3-full

does it need to do further config following http://docs.mailman3.org/en/latest/config-core.html and http://docs.mailman3.org/en/latest/config-web.html ? where is manage.py and settings.py if install from the above command line?

or it is already well configued to use? If yes, how to visit the frontend page? 

I try to follow http://docs.mailman3.org/en/latest/userguide.html, but it is not so straightforward. During installation thru the command line, it did not ask for creating the first list, so do not know how to change LISTNAME.DOMAIN in http://WEBSERVER/mailman3/lists/LISTNAME.DOMAIN. .

Thank you and regards,


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