[Mailman-Developers] mailman3 on debian

孙志勇 455750938 at qq.com
Sun Apr 22 06:31:32 EDT 2018

OK, I follow the instruction of /usr/share/doc/mailman3/README.Debian, 

it can visit http://server/mailman3/postorius/lists/, but when login, it says Sever Error (500). in /var/log/mailman3/web/mailman-web.log there is a line:
SMTPRecipientsRefused: {u'xxx at xx.com': (451, '4.3.0 <xxx at xx.com>: Temporary lookup failure')} 
# xxx at xx.com is superuser email address.

in postfix log file, there is:
Apr 22 18:05:53 mail postfix/smtpd[12870]: error: open database /var/lib/mailman3/data/postfix_domains.db: No such file or directory
Apr 22 18:05:53 mail postfix/smtpd[12870]: error: open database /var/lib/mailman3/data/postfix_lmtp.db: No such file or directory

how to solve it?

thank you.

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Date:  Sun, Apr 22, 2018 00:42 AM
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Subject:  [Mailman-Developers] mailman3 on debian

孙志勇 writes:

 > I installed mailman3 on debian through the command:
 >  $ aptitude install mailman3-full
 > does it need to do further config

As usual, Mark beat me to it.  I have some advice to add:

First, look for /usr/share/doc/mailman3/README.Debian or a similarly
named file.  I would expect to find documentation explaining how to
get started, specifically for the standard Debian setup, there.

You may get an answer here, so check back in a couple of days, but as
Mark said, since a Debian package is supposed to be configured through
the package manager, this is properly a question for a Debian channel.

 > following http://docs.mailman3.org/en/latest/config-core.html and
 > http://docs.mailman3.org/en/latest/config-web.html ?

Unless you are sophisticated in installing software and know your
Debian system well, DO NOT try to follow those instructions by
yourself.  Mixing our instructions with a Debian package install may
create a big mess.

tl;dr: Mailman's generic documentation assumes a "vanilla Unix"
system, and does not necessarily conform to Debian's interpretation of
the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard and other parts of the Linux
Standard Base.  There is no guarantee that Debian's package
corresponds to the version described in "latest", especially not in
locations of various files.  There is no guarantee that Debian's
configuration of the webserver looks anything like our generic
configuration, which is similar to the real configuration of the
Mailman 3 server we use.

 > or it is already well configued to use? If yes, how to visit the
 > frontend page?

These are also Debian questions, and should be answered by the
resources mentioned previously.


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