[Mailman-Developers] Small contrib script

Lindsay Haisley fmouse at fmp.com
Sat Jan 6 19:28:13 EST 2018

On Sat, 2018-01-06 at 15:25 -0800, Mark Sapiro wrote:
> Once you have pushed your branch, go to it in Launchpad. It will be at
> <https://code.launchpad.net/~example/mailman/name> or you will also find
> it listed at <https://code.launchpad.net/~example/>.
> On your branch's code page will be a "Propose for merging" link. Follow
> that, set the Target Branch to ~mailman-coders/mailman/2.1, add a
> description if you like and "Propose Merge"

OK, done. I had to frog around a bit and mentally review my work from
some years ago with cvs, which bzr resembles. There's one deleted
revision in the revision history for mailman (sorry) since I was
learning by doing.

mailman-config.py, which this branch adds, is the result of a recent
discussion in the mailman-users list. I use Courier as my mail suite
(IMAP, MTA, Custom spam filtering, virtual mailboxes, etc.) and since
Courier is often built from source outside of a distribution's package
management, the Courier developers (notably Sam Varshavchik) have
wisely included a "courier-config" utility which, when executed, shows
the build-time configure options used in building the package plus a
few other things.

MM is another suite that I generally install from source, since stuff
such as DMARC mitigation doesn't make it down the pike into the Ubuntu
package until long after it's needed.

If mailman-config.py is of interest, it's easy enough to make it show
other build-time options. At present, all it shows is the MM version,
the build date/time, prifix, var_prefix, mailman_user, mailman_group,
mail_group, cgi_group and the list of options provided to configure. If
it's of interest, and more output information is needed, let me know
and I'll add it.

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