[Mailman-Developers] opportunistically encrypted mailman lists with Autocrypt

Barry Warsaw barry at list.org
Wed Jan 31 15:37:38 EST 2018

On Jan 31, 2018, at 09:28, Jan Jancar <johny at neuromancer.sk> wrote:

> Plugin configuration is done through the Mailman configuration and those
> are read-only through the REST interface. However a plugin might supply
> it's own REST endpoints for example for per-list setup/configuration.

Yep; configuration options are read-only through REST because they are specified in the mailman.cfg file.  You wouldn’t want to (and probably even can’t) allow REST clients to change things that aren’t kept in the database.

On Jan 31, 2018, at 15:03, holger <holger at merlinux.eu> wrote:

> sounds good.  Is it also possible to hook into the standard mm3 configuration,
> for adding a per-list configuration item that can then be processed by
> plugin code?

Per-list configurations are maintained in the database, configuration files (e.g. mailman.cfg) configure site-wide static settings.  That’s because lists are dynamic; they can be created, deleted, and modified.  But your plugin should be able to create its own tables and cross reference the mailing list tables (via the SQLAlchemy ORM).

Static configurations can be added to a [plugins.autocrypt] section, or better a separate autocrypt.cfg file, much like the way we separate out the postfix.cfg settings.


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