[Mailman-i18n] French version

François Pinard pinard@IRO.UMontreal.CA
30 Jun 2000 11:54:17 -0400

[Francois Sauterey]

> What's about the french version of MailMan?
> I'm volonteer...

[Isabelle Saint-Saens]

> A 8:36 +0200 30/06/00, Francois Sauterey a écrit:
> >What's about the french version of MailMan?
> >I'm volonteer...

> I've begun a translation, Matthieu Camus (camus@deesse.univ-lemans.fr) sent
> me his, Vishaal Golam (golam@internatif.org) and Marc Hauswirth
> (marc.hauswirth@urbanet.ch) volunteered to help.  Juan Carlos Rey tells me
> that Romain Griffiths (widmaster@yahoo.com) is also interested
> My suggestion : I send these people a draft (a mix of Matthieu's and mine)
> and we'll submit the final cut

Laurent Bourbeau completed all translations for French, that is, messages
and templates.  I wrote the message extracting program he used.  We are
surely willing to help and collaborate with any other effort, given we
reach the goal.  We intended to revise all this on the latest beta test,
but I've absolutely nothing against anyone beating us to it, also given
we are often short on free time, and I did not check recently. :-).

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