[Mailman-i18n] Mailman i18n - First piece

Barry A. Warsaw barry@wooz.org
Wed, 8 Nov 2000 20:32:05 -0500 (EST)

[Aside: I've created a Wiki page on the i18n effort.  Please see
for details, and remember!  Anybody can edit these pages.]

>>>>> "JCRA" == Juan Carlos Rey Anaya <jcrey@uma.es> writes:

    JCRA> I have been reading source files and determining which ones
    JCRA> must be marked because they have translatable messages.

    JCRA> I resolve to mark the following ones (I have skipped files
    JCRA> not related with translation): I ask for mailman developers
    JCRA> to confirm.


I notice that you left all the bin scripts out.  I wanted to get some
personal experience marking and i18n'ing Mailman so I actually started
with those and the cron scripts.

As you know I'm also planning to require Python 2.0 for Mailman 2.1,
so I've been rewriting some of these scripts to use the friendlier
Python 2.0 features.  I have spent a little time trying to mark files
inside the Mailman dir, but not much really.

Fortunately, I think our efforts overlap nicely.  I think the way to
proceed is to get the marking diffs into my tree asap, so that I can
continue with my Python-2.0-ification.  I need to integrate your
markings first because otherwise I won't be able to apply your patches
to my tree.  So one question is whether you can split the marking
changes from the other changes you've made to support i18n?

One suggestion then would be for you to /not/ mark any files outside
of the Mailman dir.  I'll take care of those, and then we can fix any
mistakes I make later.

Second, don't mark any files inside Mailman that you haven't already
marked (i.e. any that you labeled `N' as new for version 2).
Similarly for the files you labeled `?'.  I will do these.

Third, any file that you labeled `L', that you've already marked for
1.2, you should go ahead and update those for Mailman 2.0.  I will not
touch those until I've integrated your patches.

For the templates that just need translating, yes, please go ahead and
do those.  I think realistically, revamping the UI will likely be a
2.2 project.

    JCRA> I think the process should be like this: I will mark New
    JCRA> files (marked as N), and volunteers will upgrade files
    JCRA> marked yet in i18n version (marked as L).

See above.  Don't mark `N' or `?' files, but do update `L' files.

    | Templates to be updated
    | templates to be translated from scratch
    | Catalog to be updated:
    | Catalog to be translated from scratch:

Okay, looks good.