[Mailman-i18n] Mailman i18n - First piece

Juan Carlos Rey Anaya jcrey@uma.es
Thu, 09 Nov 2000 21:39:44 +0100

"Barry A. Warsaw" wrote:
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> I notice that you left all the bin scripts out.  I wanted to get some
> personal experience marking and i18n'ing Mailman so I actually started
> with those and the cron scripts.

Of course, feel like your own home :-)

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> Fortunately, I think our efforts overlap nicely.  I think the way to
> proceed is to get the marking diffs into my tree asap, so that I can
> continue with my Python-2.0-ification.  I need to integrate your
> markings first because otherwise I won't be able to apply your patches
> to my tree.  So one question is whether you can split the marking
> changes from the other changes you've made to support i18n?

Well, I have said to contributors ONLY to mark. Other stuff like
template selection or language selections shouldn't be done. That stuff
will be added in a latter stage.

Don't worry. I will send patches as soon as I have marked files. =

So the answer is Yes :-)

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> One suggestion then would be for you to /not/ mark any files outside
> of the Mailman dir.  I'll take care of those, and then we can fix any
> mistakes I make later.

All right.

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> Second, don't mark any files inside Mailman that you haven't already
> marked (i.e. any that you labeled `N' as new for version 2).
> Similarly for the files you labeled `?'.  I will do these.

Work to actual volunteers:
5) Juan C Rey: admin.py, admindb.py and edithtml.py

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> Third, any file that you labeled `L', that you've already marked for
> 1.2, you should go ahead and update those for Mailman 2.0.  I will not
> touch those until I've integrated your patches.
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> For the templates that just need translating, yes, please go ahead and
> do those.  I think realistically, revamping the UI will likely be a
> 2.2 project.

Ok. We will try to be faster than <em> we </em> can, won't be guys? :-)
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