[Mailman-i18n] One tip

Juan Carlos Rey Anaya jcrey@uma.es
Tue, 14 Nov 2000 09:03:12 +0100

James Henstridge wrote:
> =

> This is not the only occasion when the translated string has some
> requirements on it.  The most obvious is format strings (I suppose with=

> named substitutions like %(name)s, mistyping may be more common).

Well, I am agree that stuff like %(name)s is unavoided. But to the other
side, I think we should to abstract as much as we can, so error can be
> =

> Also, the translator should probably be escaping entities in these
> strings (unless mailman does that), so pretending the string is not an
> HTML fragment may not be the best idea.

I can not find a convincing reason to leave "<strong>Hello</strong>".
- 'strong>' and '</strong' are not translatable and only may induce to
- Al last catalog can be fully of untranslatable text and can make
translation heavier than it really is. Writing 20 or 30 string with this
stuff can be normal but translating almost all the catalog is a daunting

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