[Mailman-i18n] a Finnish translation?

Antti Siiskonen Antti.Siiskonen@tut.fi
17 Nov 2000 18:43:30 +0200


I have interest in developing a Finnish version of Mailman is such
version does not yet exist. I'm of course willing to contribute the
translation to the Mailman project if I decide to do the translation. 
It seems to me that the templates have to be translated first .. is
there much more to it? I've read the design notes at www.zope.org but
I still have no idea of the size of the actual operation.

Can Mailman do qp-decoding in 2.x versions when archiving messages?
The 1.x versions couldn't and I remember writing a short patch to fix
the code that generates the summary pages (the pages with scandinavian
characters looked terrible). If the bulk 2.x versions can't do it are
there any patches ready for 2.x versions?

Please cc any replies directly to me as I'm not on 
this list .. at least for now.