[Mailman-i18n] Marking the code

Juan Carlos Rey Anaya jcrey@uma.es
Thu, 30 Nov 2000 11:00:41 +0100

Vizi Szilard wrote:
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> Hello!
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> My task is to mark the texts in the following files: private.py,
> roster.py and subscribe.py

Uf! I did a mistake sending this message to other person telling:
"Please, stop marking your files. I have done it yet. I want to give
patches to Barry tonight.


Sorry by this mistake :-(

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> I've had problems marking texts in these files.
> The biggest question for me is that in my files there are messages
> to the syslog, like this
>   LogStdErr("error", "private")
> Must I mark these texts like the other translatable text?

I don not mark strings intented to Mailing list manager.

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> And the other problem is connected with the form.has.key("something"),
> something=3DUserOptions or Digest or Membership Management, etc.
> The problem here is that the "something string" must be marked
> and then translated in other files.
> So I think I should mark it, but in the other way, it
> is a variable (it tells something to form.has.key), and we must not
> change any variable.
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"something" should not be marked.

BTW: I have discovered a bug in template patches. I told to insert i18n
stuff inside them. Well, in listinfo     <MM-Subscribe-Form-Start>
must be under i18n stuff, like:

              <MM-lang-form-start><MM-displang-box> <MM-list-langs>

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