[Mailman-i18n] Re: [Mailman-Developers] i18n imports

Barry A. Warsaw barry@digicool.com
Wed, 21 Feb 2001 18:33:20 -0500

>>>>> "RJ" == Ron Jarrell <jarrell@vt.edu> writes:

    RJ> Since I deleted the templates/en dir I had created to test the
    RJ> fallback, newlang wouldn't work, because there's no en
    RJ> directory to copy to the new list...  It needs to catch the
    RJ> fact that ok_langs is empty before the loop that prints which
    RJ> languages were installed runs, otherwise the status message
    RJ> looks stupid :-).

Okay, I've fixed those in my working copy.

    RJ> Perhaps instead of saying "language not supported" it say "No
    RJ> template directory for language."

Good point, I've made that change.
    RJ> Newlang also has a nasty habit of leaving the list locked if
    RJ> anything goes wrong.

Arg!  Okay, I've added the necessary armor to it and rmlang (although
I'm not sure the list needs to be locked for rmlang).

    RJ> w.r.t your comment about needing to look at the call to
    RJ> HTMLFormatter. You do need to init it, because
    RJ> mlist._template_path is used by it, and by newlang, and it's
    RJ> *not* defined in MailList; HTMLFormatter adds it to the object
    RJ> when it runs.

I'm not sure why _template_dir is a temporary attribute (i.e. starts
with an _ so it doesn't persist).  Seems to me the proper fix is to
either make _template_dir a permanent attribute, or simply access it
via a method and calculate it on the fly.  Actually, in light of the
below, that might be the right thing.
    RJ> People need to install EN support into each list they own.
    RJ> Which they can do by hand, or with newlang.

    RJ> Anyone that's already done any language changes though will
    RJ> find their local language sitting in the english
    RJ> subdir... Either way, there's copius notage in the readme
    RJ> necessary to explain where things are going and why...

We have to make it so that if a MM2.0 user upgrades and never cares
about multilingual support, things Just Keep Working without anything
more they explicitly need to do.

This means either our upgrade script sets things up minimally, or we
make sure everything falls back to the existing templates if en is
never installed.  Your second point implies then that if they've made
their own language mods to those templates, that language will be the
default (and the list config will look a bit strange when it says that
they're using English as the default language).

Any opinions?  Do we need to create the en subdir upon upgrade or can
we use any existing templates as a fallback?