[Mailman-i18n] Automatic translation between GB and BIG5 code

Max Yu max.yu@turbolinux.com.cn
Thu, 19 Jul 2001 17:03:21 +0800

Hi Barry,

I see that there is a BIG5 template in the CVS, which is
used for Traditional Chinese, so it will be very easy for 
me to create a GB (simplified Chinese) template from that,
because there is a tool (utf-converter) that can make 
translations between GB and BIG5 code. I can get the
GB templates from BIG5 templates by invoke `b5togb', which
can translate a file.

This is simple, but the disadvantage is that we must maintain
both the two templates. How about just maintain one template
and use `b5togb' dynamically when the administrator invoking
`addlang'? In this way, `addlang' needs a little change.

This is not enough. People using GB and BIG5 can not use the
same mail list. How to resolve this? I have a kind of solution
for this. For example, if most member of a mailling list use
GB code, we can mark this list a "GB list", that is, all the 
messages are stored in GB code. But how could a person uses 
BIG5 posts to this list? Let us mark him "BIG5 user", then
his email to the list should be translated into GB code before
deliver to other members or store as archives. Messages from
GB user will be translated into BIG5 code before sending to
BIG5 users.

How do you think of this? It is not only i18n, it does a kind
of "dynamic translating". This only can apply to Chinese currently,
because Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese can be 
translated from one to another in a very simple way -- one 
charactor in GB can be mapped to a charactor in BIG5 directly.

This may need much efforts, but this will give people living
in mainland China and Taiwan a great way of communication, and
may be help for world peace.


Best Regards,

"Barry A. Warsaw" wrote:
> >>>>> "MY" == Max Yu <max.yu@turbolinux.com.cn> writes:
>     MY> There is no simplified Chinese template in the CVS, and
>     MY> I want to add this to the CVS. What should I do then?
>     MY> Will I be given write permission to the CVS, or should I
>     MY> send the files to somebody who in charge?
> For now, the best thing to tar up the files and either send them to
> me, put them up on a web page somewhere, or upload them to SF's patch
> manager.  I'll check them in.  I'm not opposed to giving translators
> checkin privileges if it makes sense down the road.
> -Barry