[Mailman-i18n] Bad messages in mailman.pot

Dan@feld.cvut.cz Dan@feld.cvut.cz
22 Jul 2001 22:04:23 +0200

I have merged new mailman.pot with my previos translation. It says,
there are 300 untranslated messages, but when I look on them, I see
messages like:

Class for internally crafted messages.

Return true if named header field matches a regexp in the\n
        bounce_matching_header list variable.\n
        Returns constraint line which matches or empty string for no\n

Return a list of triples [(field name, regex, line), ...].

This are internaly documentating comments and I think, they shouldn't
be translated. The mailman.pot is probably bad generated.

I  have also  about 600  translated messages  and I  think  that czech
traslation is also almost complete.


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