[Mailman-i18n] Re: Tiny help

Barry A. Warsaw barry@digicool.com
Thu, 17 May 2001 23:22:00 -0400

>>>>> "JCRA" == Juan Carlos Rey Anaya <jcrey@uma.es> writes:

    >>  I am updating the hungarian catalog, but there are some
    >> problems.  The first is: The commandline programs do not use
    >> right now the translation, although I inserted the
    >> DEFAULT_SERVER_LANGUAGE='hu' in the mm_cgf.py file. I want to
    >> see the hungarian messages in the commandline programs, what
    >> should I do?

    JCRA> I have discovered why, you must set explicitly language to
    JCRA> translate into.

    JCRA> test in bin/version.py:

    | import paths
    | import Mailman.mm_cfg
    | from Mailman.i18n import _, set_language

    | set_language(Mailman.mm_cfg.DEFAULT_SERVER_LANGUAGE)
    | print _('Using Mailman version:'), Mailman.mm_cfg.VERSION

    JCRA> I suppose all scripts in bin must be changed.

I think I have a solution for this, which is to essentially set the
language when i18n is imported for the first time.  For the scripts,
this will set the language based on the environment variables as
described here:


For everything else (email, cgi), the language should be reset based
on other context, i.e. the server default language, then the list
preferred language, then the user preferred language, as each are

    >> - all the commandline programs are writing english messages to
    >> the stdout - the list archive page is still in english
    JCRA> Yes, it is a work to be done.  I found it very difficult to
    JCRA> translate, because the process of archive generation :-( You
    JCRA> can try it ;-) I think that the proper persons to do it are
    JCRA> mailman managers.

More work to do on Pipermail.  Ug. ;)

    JCRA> By now I recommend to be README.hu, but must be Barry the
    JCRA> one to decide it.

Yes, README.hu please!  I'm going to do some reorganization on the
documentation, either converting the various READMEs to html or (more
likely) generating a script to do the conversion a la the FAQ.  The
more uniformity in filenames and writing styles, the better!