[Mailman-i18n] Portuguese translation

Barry A. Warsaw barry@zope.com
Tue, 2 Oct 2001 10:09:28 -0400

>>>>> "JSM" == Joao Sa Marta <samarta@ci.uc.pt> writes:

    JSM> I have download the cvs and began to translate the templates.
    JSM> I am finishing of translating the txt files.  There's a
    JSM> brazilian that is translating the catalog.

    JSM> I need some guidelines on what to do when I am finish.

Here's what README-I18N.en says for contributing your translation back
to Mailman:

-------------------- snip snip --------------------

    We'd really appreciate it if you donate your translations back to
    the Mailman project, so that others can benefit from your effort.
    You'll get credit of course, in the Mailman documentation.  Here
    are the steps to donate your translations, either the first time
    or subsequent updates.

    The best thing to do is to send me <barry@zope.com> a "tarball",
    i.e. a gzip'd tarfile, that can be unpacked in the top level
    directory of the Mailman CVS tree.  This would be the directory
    containing this README-I18N.en file.

    Your tarball should contain two directories, where your donated
    language is `xx':


    In templates/xx there should be the translated templates, all the
    .txt and .html files, for your language, mirroring those in the
    English template directory (always the master copy).

    In messages/xx you should have a single directory LC_MESSAGES, and
    in that directory a file called mailman.po, which is the human
    readable catalog for your language.  Do not send me the mailman.mo
    file, since I'll recreate it on my end, and that'll save on the
    size of the tarball.

    That's basically it.  If you need to include a README, please call
    it README.xx and put it in the messages/xx directory.  README.xx
    can be in your native language.

    You can email the tarball to me, and if this is the first
    installation of the language, please tell me what the
    add_language() call in Defaults.py.in should be for your
-------------------- snip snip --------------------

    JSM> Are there imposed timelines for the translation task ?

None at the moment.  I suspect as we go along the catalogs will start
to stabilize.  Maybe we should plan on a couple of release candidates
that only update translations?