[Mailman-i18n] I want add korean translation

song@yaimma.co.kr song@yaimma.co.kr
Thu, 20 Sep 2001 17:15:56 +0900 (KST)


I'll do my best.


On Thu, 20 Sep 2001, Barry A. Warsaw wrote:

> >>>>> "song" ==   <song@yaimma.co.kr> writes:
>     song> If you don't have a volunteer for korean,
>     song> I want to be one.
> That would be great.  I'll put you down as the Korean translation
> champion.  When you're ready, please send me a tarball that I can
> unpack in the top-level directory.  It should contain templates/kr and
> messages/kr/LC_MESSAGES/mailman.po (I'm assuming `kr' is the language
> code for Korean!).  Also, let me know what the add_language() call
> should be for Defaults.py.in.
> Cheers,
> -Barry