[Mailman-i18n] Mailman - Estonian translation

Anti Veeranna duke@linux.ee
Sat, 20 Apr 2002 18:12:33 +0300


If now one else has volunteered to take that job before, I would like
to work on the Estonian translation/language pack for Mailman.

A little background information about me: I have previous experience in
localizing gettext based applications. I'm part of KDE's Estonian language
team, where the localization of programs the kdegames module is my
responsibility. I have also worked on unofficial translation of
Majordomo[1] and a number of other smaller programs.

Currently I am also administrator for 2 small Mailman installations,
which run 30 and 10 lists respectively.

Based on that, I believe that I have the necessary knowledge and skill for 
this job. I have a pretty clear picture of what is involved and I'm all
set up for it; all I need is an OK from you.

[1] unofficial, because it didn't have any support for gettext or
 similar internalization libraries and therefore translating it ment
 changing the code directly. 

Anti Veeranna