[Mailman-i18n] Can i use the newest cvs .po on older versions?

Daniel Buchmann Daniel.Buchmann@bibsys.no
21 Aug 2002 21:52:51 +0200

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On Wed, 2002-08-21 at 21:16, Danny Terweij wrote:
> Hi,
> Can i use the cvs po file (2.1b3+) on my 2.1b2 system?

Well, yes you /can/ use it, but as the 2.1b3+ .po file develops, entries
that used to be in 2.1b2 may be taken out..

> I am a dutch translator and i do not want to translate 2 versions and i a=
> not ready for upgrading my 2.1b2 to b3.
> b2 is working fine here since it is released :-)

I'd say if you're running 2.1b2, upgrading to latest cvs from time to
time might be a good idea, as the betas contain (or at least they
/should/ contain, *wink-to-Barry* ;) only bugfixes..

Daniel Buchmann,
Norwegian translator.

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